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We’ve had our Peloton for almost a year now and we LOVE it. Some of you may remember that I used to go to Orange Theory quite regularly. However, when the pandemic hit classes went away & when they did return the times hardly ever worked for me.

Lyndon and I were also both working from home and one day I half-joked that we look into getting a Peloton that both of us could use. Lyndon’s knees also hurt when he runs, so we wondered if a Peloton would be a good alternative.

Obviously we took the plunge and it’s turned out to be a worthwhile investment for the two of us (Lyndon’s knees are also grateful)!

How much is it?

When I did Orange Theory, I paid $89/mo (via a Black Friday deal) for eight classes a month. This worked super well when we lived in Indiana and I loved the environment and accountability. However, as I mentioned, post-pandemic class times no longer worked with my schedule and I was no longer getting my money’s worth.

We invested in Peloton’s family pack option which gave us the bike, two pairs of shoes, a pair of weights, and two water bottles. If we paid in full, it would have been $2550.

Personally, we opted for a payment plan. We’re paying $39/mo for the app and $65/mo to pay off the bike. That’s $104/mo total over the course of 39 months (yes, that’s just over three years); for two people with unlimited classes (as opposed to the $89/mo I was previously paying for only eight classes for myself).

Needless to say, its been worth the investment.

What are the classes like?

It’s cool because not only are there cycle classes; you also get access to Pilates, Meditations, Yoga, Strength classes, and more. I’ve been doing daily meditations and they make such a difference!!

When it comes to cycling classes specifically, each instructor brings a different vibe & they all hype you up in their own way. My personal favorite instructor is Kendall Toole because she comes from a boxing background and incorporates the techniques into her arm workouts (I flipping love boxing!!). I also love working out with Ally Love and Robin Arźon!

You can choose from 20 minute, 30 minute, or 45 minute workouts. There are also different options of difficulty (low impact, beginner ride, HIIT, etc.) depending on what you’re looking for.

It’s neat because even though you’re riding in the comfort of your own home, you’re riding with other Peloton members – you can see their usernames on a leaderboard and send high-fives to cheer them on.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Your first ride will feel amazing; however, your butt and tailbone will hurt a lot the next day! You can lessen the pain by using a bike seat cushion or getting padded bike shorts. Overtime your butt adjusts to the seat and it gets better. I barely notice anymore (which is nice)!

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards!! I’ll especially begin to feel it in my legs the next day if I don’t take the time to stretch. It makes a huge difference.

Overall, we love our Peloton so much that we’ve started half-joking about bringing it with us when we travel (obviously that would only work for road trips).

If you decide to invest in a Peloton, use our affiliate link for $200 off when you check out – you’ll be supporting our ability to get more activewear via Peloton (& we’ll love ya forever). Enjoy!!

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