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A jeep, a 4 month old child, part ownership in a coffee shop, coaching clients, fitness & nutrition, and creating planners & journals.

Fitting all these unique things into one 2-hour Refresher Branding Session was the objective for Jess Massey’s (founder of Hustle Sanely) photoshoot with us in Tampa, FL a few weeks ago. Like many creatives she has many interests that are all important to capture as part of her personal brand, and as she’s refreshing her website this was the perfect time to update her photos.

In preparation for our strategy call Jess sat down with her designer & BFF Karsen to plan out a list of images they needed for both her website & socials. During her 45 min strategy call with us we planned out how we’d be able to capture those images – from what locations to use, any props or outfits that needed to be included, and what the schedule would be for optimal efficiency during her session.

As you can see below, Jess’s photos turned out AMAZING and we’re super excited for you to see!

If you’re ready to invest in yourself with branding photos or need help knowing where to start in bringing your personal brand to life send us a DM on IG & check out our branding packages here.

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