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As a functional nutritionist operating a successful business mostly online kasey.goins has a great idea of how important it is to have good personal branding images to go along with high quality copy on social media. When Kasey approached us she was in the process of building the business coaching side of her business, which meant a separate IG account iamkaseygoins with a slighly more “studio professional” vibe to it.

To achieve this goal we split her session between a lifestyle portion in the morning (2 coffee shops, and some colored walls) and a studio portion in the afternoon. This gave a good mix of photos she can match with “working” posts along with timeless clean images from multiple outfits and backdrops in a studio.

For anyone wanting to stretch content from a session out over months (or years) of use we recommend including a studio portion, because the images are independent of season, weather, time of day or anything else that could date you images fairly quickly. An added bonus is you can book your session any time of year then and not worry about if it freezing cold or baking hot outside.

If you’re interested in a lifestyle or studio personal branding session you can find our branding packages here or send us a DM on Insta to get the conversation started.

Hair & Makeup by @beauty_bybrigitte

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