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Sometimes things don’t go to plan – during @thelisahurm‘s strategy call we planned out her 2 hour refresher, chose a gym to work out and talked about getting permission to take photos there before the session. We actually switched gyms to one that said it was okay to use – the day we showed up for the session, just by chance the regional manager from the corporate office was sitting in the lobby and (kindly) told us that we definitely weren’t allowed to take pictures in the gym.

Half of the session was planned to happen in the gym, now what would we do?

As photographers we’ve played this game before (and will again) we pivoted. We looked at the other locations we were planning on using and shifted to doing at home workout photos. Lisa has a beautiful back patio they’d just put in at their house last year and with great weather we took a great variety of workout photos.

Part of what paying an experienced photographer (us or someone else) is for their ability to pivot and still get great photos when nothing goes to plan. There’s any number of things that can change a session – from weather or travel plans to the PGA tour hosting an event where you plan of taking photos.

By taking the time to get to know our client we have a great understanding of what their objective is and we can rapidly pivot to still make great use of a session and the time we have together.

If you’re interested in branding photos you can see our branding packages here or send us a DM on Instagram to chat about how we can help craft a session around your specific needs.

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