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Lets talk about Content Analysis, aka: my favorite marketing hack ever.

First: What’s a content analysis?

A content analysis is when you analyze your content (in this post we’ll be talking about Instagram specifically) to see which content pieces are performing the best.

This is super duper insightful for you to know which pieces of content your audience is resonating with most so that you can prioritize it more (leading to more brand loyalty + growth).


First, we want to pull up your insights on Instagram. We’re going to look at the past 60 days and then the past 30 days. We’ll answer the same questions for each set.

  • Look at what posts pop up for “Saved, Shared, Profile Visits, and Website Taps”
  • What pieces of content are resonating the most in each category?
  • Compare your findings from the past 60 days to your findings from the past 30 days. What do they have in common?

For example, you may find that carousels do exceptionally well in regards to what your audience saves the most. Knowing this shows you that posting more carousels is in your favor.

Or, maybe you find that sharing funny quotes do incredibly well when it comes the kind of content people share the most. This tells you to capitalize on funny quotes even more.

Profile Visits & Website Taps are excellent insights to tell you what content pieces convert. If people are visiting your profile, they likely want to know more. If they’re tapping on your website they’re likely interested in working with you.

When we did our own content analysis we found that people love saving carousels, they’re much more likely to share & save affirmations and quotes, and they visit our website/profile when its content that pertains to branding sessions (ie: “will you hold my date before I pay?“).

What pops up for you?

The second thing you want to look at is: for the pieces of content that perform the best, what is the content about? Are you sharing tips & tricks, or are the captions short & sweet? This shows you how you can streamline your content in a more sustainable way.

You now have data that tells you what’s working so you don’t have to constantly play the guessing game!

Now that you know what content converts & performs well, the final step is simply creating more of it. You can totally start with re-purposing some of the pieces that came up in your analysis! For example, if you realized that a carousel post about “5 ways to use your branding photos” did really well, how can you turn that into a reel? Or a story training? You can take one piece of content and stretch it into multiple formats – saving you time and further establishing you as an expert. #Yesplease

And that’s how you perform a content analysis! Takes about 30 minutes and provides a wealth of information.

Tell us, what did you find in your content analysis?

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