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As creative entrepreneurs we use a handful of programs on a weekly basis that play a part in generating content, running our business, and streamlining client communication. Curious what programs we use? We’re spilling all the beans…


We use Airtable to organize all of our content ideas. As you can see in the screenshot above we have tabs for Reels, Instagram stories (story training ideas), graphics to be approved, and more.

Our content manager, Tay, will do research each week for Reels we can be doing & she drops in descriptions for us so we know the intention behind it! This is super helpful for a more organized and streamlined approach to content planning.


We love using Preview to map out & schedule our Instagram content!

The first thing we do is create a mood board in Pinterest. At this point we plan out all of our content one month in advance and creating a mood board helps us know the vibe we’re going for! Tay will put all of our inspo pins into Preview first and organize them into a pattern that we can use as a template of sorts (as you can see below).

From there, we start creating our own content & graphics to replace the inspo photos with (as you can see on the right)!

The next step is adding captions into each post & scheduling them to be posted. Tay posts all of our content for us so that we don’t have to!


We all love Canva! This is the program we use to create all of our graphics – for both us & our branding clients! Fun fact: we offer graphic creation for our branding clients. 😉

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is what we use to edit our iPhone photos. We use our custom presets (you can get our mobile presets here) so that they align with the rest of our photos!


This is our newest go-to tool that we use for creating REELS. We love Temply!! Its a unique way of creating reels with a variety of fonts and music. They have templates already creating for you which makes it super easy to upload your videos, update the copy, and then export it! From there we import the reels into Preview (another reason why we love them) so that Tay can schedule & post them for us.


VSCO is what we use to edit videos from our camera roll. For instance, Lyndon typically records his story trainings without an IG filter and we’ll edit them with VSCO afterwards so its still on-brand, but without the makeup you get with IG filters. ✨


We use Flodesk for our email newsletters! They have easy-to-use templates that you can customize and we’re obsessed. Click here for 50% off when you sign up.


Asana is the program we use to organize our tasks as a team. We can set deadlines for each task and assign them to individual team members so everyone knows what they need to be working on & when it needs to be completed.


We use ShowIt to host our website! If you want a template to start with and customize we highly recommend checking out Rooting for You Studio’s website templates. They’re absolutely stunning and easy to customize (she also provides walk-through tutorials so you know how everything works)! Aside from that, ShowIt’s customer support is super duper helpful and we’re obsessed with them all around.

Photo Mechanic

As photographers we take A LOT of photos during photoshoot days. Photo Mechanic is what we use to sort through them all! Its a super handy way of selecting the images that look the best (aka: weeding out any blurry or blinking images). From there we save them into a specific folder & import them into Lightroom Desktop to edit.


We use Honeybook for all of our client communication. Each client has their own “portal” which houses everything in one place: invoices, contracts, emails, any brochures you’ve sent (ie: what to wear guide), and questionnaires.

You can also set up automations so that Honeybook sends out certain emails (for example, reminder emails) for you.

Here’s a link for 50% off when you sign up!


We use Calendly to set up calendars for each of our offers. Its so helpful for both us and our clients because clients can choose their date AND pay the initial payment all at once. Since we don’t save dates without an initial payment this is a simple and straight-forward way for clients to secure their date.


Libsyn is the program we use to host Jo’s podcast, The Jo Show! This is where we upload episodes and schedule them to air each Monday.


Milkshake is what we use for our “#linkinbio”. We love that you can make it aesthetically pleasing & add multiple links! Its our fave.

And there you have it!! Hope you enjoyed this lil’ round up!

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