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When Stacey of @IndySkinRenew approached us she was struggling with not having images of her space and team to use on their website. They were using mostly stock images on their webpages and wanted to pivot to showing what their services looked like in their space.

With 9 employees, 6 treatment rooms and 3+ unique types of services, planning this Refresher session was all about efficiency. Knowing that Indy Skin Renew only needed a few images of each person and service we scheduled out everyone in 10 min increments and Stacey lined up a few of their loyal clients to come in as models for the difference services.

We plan out every one of our sessions specifically to the needs of the client/business we’re working with. In a 30-45 min strategy call (or in person visit) we’re able go deep on understanding your needs, talk through how you’ll be using images, what props & outfits to plan for, and create a schedule to maximize the amount of content were able to create.

You can find more about our branding packages here, or send us a DM on IG to chat about what we can uniquely do for your session!

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