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Buying a house is the most expensive thing that most people will ever do in their lives. That takes a lot of trust in the person helping you through the process. For most people that trust starts with seeing who they’ll be working with before even reaching out to have a conversation.

For Kristi this meant we leaned into three things for her session:

  • Professionalism – strong powerful outfits and representative locations of a working profession while not being overly formal
  • Relatability – as Bloomington IN is a college town it was important to take some pictures in iconic locations that anyone in or moving to the area would recognize like: the Sample Gates, Switchyard park, and the B-Line
  • Personality – bringing in things that are unique to her helps people get to know Kristi on a personal level, ie: books & magazines she likes reading or the people on her team that she works with

Every session and client has different needs, and we love spending the time getting to know what’s unique about each personal brand we work with so that when people meet them in person it feels like they already know them since they’ve seen their photos.

You can see more about our branding packages here or see behind the scenes of sessions over on Insta on our stories & highlights.

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