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What lifestyle do you want to show your clients?

We love asking this question during our Photoshoot Strategy Calls! When we chatted with Sammy, founder of Simply Wellness, during her strategy call we heard that the lifestyle she wants to show her clients includes activities like grocery shopping, meeting with her clients in a 1:1 capacity, and meal prepping. So we planned accordingly!

By infusing all of these moments into her photoshoot she and her team are then able to create content (social media posts, blogs, emails, etc) around each one. For example, the first two photos you see below would pair perfectly with these content ideas:

  • How to choose fresh produce
  • What grocery stores have the best produce in your region? (with a carousel graphic 1 slide per by Pacific North West, Rocky Mountains, Midwest, East Coast, South and ranked list of grocery stores)
  • Should I be concerned about E.coli? How to be safe.

When you have on-brand images that intentionally connect back to your business & ICA, you can use them in so many fun and creative ways.

During our Photoshoot Strategy Call with our clients we also chat about:

  • What’s “On Brand” for you?
  • What are your specific needs for your session? (ie: launching a new space, refreshing your website, timeless social media content, etc)
  • The best locations to use
  • What to wear
  • Do you need props? (yes & we dive into specific examples for you)
  • What will your session will look like? We create a timeline for the photoshoot day.

Every personal branding photoshoot is unique because you’re unique & we keep that in mind as we plan.

Want more details on our photoshoots? You can see our branding packages here or send us a DM on IG to chat about what would work for you. We’d love to work with you!!

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